Festiwal FNAF

Theoria cum Praxi of Performance Art 2022
FNAF 8 Nudity as a Political Gesture
Performance Art Festival & Conference
curator FNAF: Lenka Klodová
curator FNAF Export Gdansk: Łukasz Guzek
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk
Targ Węglowy 6
80-836 Gdansk
Tuesday-Wednesday, October 4-5, 2022
Wtorek-Środa, 4-5 października, 2022
Patio Gallery (mezzanino), Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Great Armory (main building,
entrance from Tkacka street)
October 4, 2022
12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Conference (in English), moderation Łukasz Guzek (Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk)
Lenka Klodová (Brno University of Technology),  introduction, “On FNAF”
Tomáš Ruller, (Brno University of Technology), “Nudities in Performance Art” 
Lecture with significant images from a century of Performance Art
is presenting different forms, attitudes, strategies, meanings,
confronted with a freedom of expression within different political and cultural contexts,
questioning the relationship between the artistic nudity and pornography.
Vladimir Havlik, (Palacký University Olomouc), “Framing the Performance and its
Martin Zet lecture-performance
coffee break
Darina Alster, (Academy of Fine Arts in Prague), “Naked Body as a Personal Symbol”
I will speak about my naked performances, when I work with nudity as a technique of
transformation. Naked body in the performance is a display of emotions and experiences or a
‘living flag.’ With nudity is impossible to be impersonal. Naked body always bring some
Joanna Czajkowska, “Surpluses of motion structures.  Nudity in Pomeranian dance and
She will present a different approach to the naked body in Pomeranian dance. Starting with
the creator of the Gdańsk Opera Ballet, Janina Jarzynówna – Sobczak (artistic activity 1948 -
1972), to the present day; from ballet through dance theatre, physical theatre and
performance, we will get to know chosen Tri-City artists and their view to nacked human
body as an instrument. Janina Jarzynówna – Sobczak (Opera Bałtycka), Wojciech Misiuro
(Teatr Ekspresji), Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz (Teatr Patrz Mi na Usta / Teatr LEON),
Katarzyna Chmielewska i Leszek Bzdyl (Teatr Dada von Bzdulow), Anna Ateller, Katarzyna
Pastuszak, Aleksandra Śliwińska (Teatr Amareya and Guests), Joanna Czajkowska i Jacek
Krawczyk (Sopocki Teatr Tańca).
The body as a tool, body as an information, the body as an armor and a defenseless body, the
body as a manifestation and as a joyful emanation of life.
coffee break
Tamara Moyzes, (Academy of Fine arts in Prague), “It is art and activism:
Art + activism = artivism“
This presentation is trying to understand the complex relationship established between art and
freedom in contemporary societies, in the context of art’s aspiration towards absolute and
freedom’s impossibility to be absolute. The starting point is the factual observation that our
society tends to consider artistic creation as a special form of human activity and artistic
freedom as deserving a special treatment, more protective and/or more tolerant. However,
when tested through law’s filter, art no longer enjoys such a privileged regime. States may
encourage or restrict artistic freedom.
Ewa Majewska, (SWPS – University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw),
“Nudity as a feminist gesture. In defense of a supposedly lost case”
Since the early days of feminist theorizing of art history, theory and practice, the opposition
between the always naked female model and the male artist/masculine genius has been
presented as the core of the gender inequality problem (See: Nead, 1998; Pollock, 1988).
However, the strategic uses and perhaps also abuses of nudity by women and sexual
minorities abound (Partum, 1980; Yoko Ono, 1964; Chicago, 1974), and feminist theorists
often see them as emancipatory (Nead, 1998; Duggan and Hunter, 2006; Williams, 2008).
With such performative gestures, as those offered by the feminist artists since 1960's, as well
as the more contemporary actions by Femen, we need to approach nudity in more complex
ways, as intersection of genders and sexual orientations, but also expressions of class and
racialized inequalities. Nudity's inherent contradictions contain a variety of power dynamics,
which demand unpacking, but also provoke rethinking such fundamental art history concepts,
as those of the avant-garde (Majewska, 2017), solidarity, performativity (Veneracion-
Rallonza, 2014) and other.
coffee break
Maciej Śmietański, (Medical University of Gdańsk)
Papers delivered at the conference will be published in the journal Sztuka i Dokumentacja,
issued by the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.
October 5, 2022
12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Performance Art Festival
Tomáš Ruller
Vladimir Havlik, War(m) Greatings (Live Broadcast)
Joanna Czajkowska
Dariusz Fodczuk
Saydie Vell
Emilia Rodziewicz
Katarzyna Pastuszak/Natalia Chylińska
Darina Alster
Lenka Klodová

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